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Name: Tara

Sex:Female....atleast in my mind, damn penise screwes everything up.

Age: 24

How May We Get In Contact With You: I am vastly connected to the matrix....

Faveorite Rocky Character: Whew...Ummm Columbia.....I have always loved Columbia

Faveorite Non-Rocky Movies:

Faveorite Rocky Horror Callback Line: In Just 7 Days (And 6 LONG Nights) I can Make you a (Fag just like your Dad.)

Hobbies: Ren Faire, Computers, Movies.......I live a simple life.

If We WereTo Start a Rocky Horror Shadowcast Would You Be Willing To Partici...(say it)..pate: Its always been a Dream of mine.

Really Now, In Which Functions Would You?: My dream has been to play Columbia....but I am so fat :-( I would love to do anything though. Riff or Magenta would be fun too.

Are You Single: Nope....Not at all

Preference: You mean I have to choose......?

Cartoon of Choice: I am all about SouthPark, Futurama, Robot Chicken Anything Adult Swim.

Your Mutant Super Power: Physical Meto-Morphosis.

Food of Choice: Pasta.....Yumm.....Steak....I like meat...Sushi....I am also partial to raw fish....Damn...I ended up anwsering the preference question.

Beverage of Choice:12+ Yr Old Scotch, Absinthe, Guinness.

Music of Choice: Industrial, Goth, Trance, Goa I like Beats.

Last Really Good Book Read: Cuchulain of Muthrime

Are You Now, Or Have You Ever, Been A Member Of The Communist Party?: Ummmm Not exactly....but I have Ties to the INSP (Irish National Socialist Party)
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That Damn Penis always getting in the way!!! Damn it to Hell! Lol I have about a million friends interested in playing Columbia (that's always the case) I bet you'd be a sassy Riff Raff, I'm not ashamed to say that I am Pro- gender blind casting with floorshow casts (or shadowcasts, whatever you prefer to call it) my only gripe is i've seen female Frank-n-Furters that have costumes that are mostly crap and not film accurate (I tell anyone who want to be Columbia that if they want to be Columbia they need to be screen acurate, booby flashes and all).

Anyways it's good to see you joining the group you wascally wabbit Tara.

Yea she is perty popular..Magenta would be another fun gripe is with the occational female rocky....some are good....a lot

yea I do hope something can come of this. It hink it would be great.
Oh do not get me started on the female Rocky's--I mean they don't have the right musculature for it. It's fun for like a hatpick night and all..But the Muscles are basically Rocky's Costume. Lol.. by the by love your icon (Super-man's new powers up up and gay.)
Yea I agree....I have to say the long beach cast has some great costumes...just an aside...Ohh if you like superman you will love this.