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Decadents of Fresno- UNITE!

Fresno- Home of Happiness...or at least home of Britney Spear's Hubby!

Fresno Rocky Horror- Because This Town Needs It!
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Sooner or Later someone had to do it.

Keep your eyes peeled on the further-(or should I say Furter) adventures of us rabid Rocky Horror fans Virgin, and Slut alike, as we attempt to bring the joyous rapture of cult classic orgasms that is Rocky Horror to Fresno- complete with Shadowcast. Also enjoy chatty conversations with Rocky Horror Fans from Fresno and the surronding areas and environs. Conversations are not limited to Rocky- but to other Cult classics as well.

I suggest you follow the lips instructions

When joining, please fill out this little get to know you survey, so we can find how we can best corrupt..erm. I mean, help you!

Unconventional Conventionist

Name: We have to call you something.
Sex: Male, Female, Both, None,Yes Ma'am may I have another?
Age: So as to know if you're legally able to pelvic thrust,or if you're forever banned to the Transylvanians table.
How May We Get In Contact With You: Email? SheMale? Instant Messenger? Voo Doo Seance?
Faveorite Rocky Character: It's like a mother having to chose a favorite child..
Faveorite Non-Rocky Movies: Hey we can't watch Rocky 24/7...or can we?
Faveorite Rocky Horror Callback Line: Come on- we all know at least twelve!
Hobbies: Decoupage is so very in this year.
If We WereTo Start a Rocky Horror Shadowcast Would You Be Willing To Partici...(say it)..pate: Please say yes, you may get cookies.
Really Now, In Which Functions Would You?: Ignore if you said no...and sit in the corner 'til I decide what to do with you.
Are You Single: NOT FOR LONG!!!!
Preference: Straight and Narrow? Bi, Tri, Gayer than Christmas Morn? Decline to State- or FRANK'N'FURTER-ESQUE
Cartoon of Choice: I know you watch them...and what you do when you watch Sailor Moon in your own time is ok by me.
Your Mutant Super Power: Just call me Professor Charles Sexavier, and you shal be my Sex-Men.
Food of Choice: So I know what types of food to tempt you with.
Beverage of Choice: Blue Windex now a valid option!
Music of Choice: Because someday Britney Spears will live in Fresno.
Last Really Good Book Read: Hey don't be ashamed if it was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!
Last Question: Are You Now, Or Have You Ever, Been A Member Of The Communist Party?: Silly Lucille Ball and her commie chums taking over Hollywood

and last but not least...
behind a sufficient Lj-cut please post one picture or more of you so we know just how cute-as-a-button you are..if you can not, We will post a picture for you.