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Creating a Floorshow Cast- Part the First

One might ask- "But Mitchell, why are you so obsessed with creating a shadowcast in Fresno?" "Why take such a thankless and almost impossible task?" I answer these questions simply. Fresno needs Rocky Horror. The southern Central Valley, and more importantly the surrounding areas of Fresno, and Clovis, have a high concentration of Rocky Horror fans. With the closest showings of Rocky Horror at least up to a dsitance of a four hours drive away (you try driving home after a night of Rocky for four hours and you'll see what I am talking about). With this handicap in place, much of Fresno's youth see Rocky Horror for the first time, not in a theatre, with audience participation- and a shadowcast, at midnight as it is best veiwed. They watch Rocky at home, or with friends on D.V.D. or on Cable Television- Thus loosing much of the impact of the show.

It becomes clear, almost crystal clear- Fresno needs a shadowcast. I know others before me have attempted and failed, I know others have decided to throw parties, have people watch the movie with them at home. I know all this. But I am resounded to bring forth a shadowcast- or die trying.

So how do we do this?

Well that's easy.

1) Letter Writing Campaign- get the word out to the theatres, to the newspapers, to everyone basically that will listen. We are here, we are freaky, and it's better to get us off the street and into the theatres where we can put our creative energies to use worshiping our cult movie at the midnight theatre altar. But seriously. the more we get the word out, the easier it will be for us to find a theatre.

2) Petition, Petition,Petition- There are a lot, and I mean a lot of Rocky Horror fans out there. We need to hit the streets and get support. Shadowcast members out there in the Tower District,Riverpark, Fashion Faire, Fresno City College, Fresno State College, hell even Downtown buisnesses having people sign petitions not only shows the theatres and their management that Rocky Horror WILL SELL WELL, That it's a worthwhile risk, and that it has a market. Also those interested in being in the cast can get information on the cast, and thus the cast can grow.

3) Form a Cast- Thus said, the truely first thing that must be done is get a cast set. When that is done the cast can present themselves to theatre management types and it's hard to say no to Frank-N-Furter when he's standing in front of you with those sad puppy dog eyes. Not only is it important to have a cast, but everything in a cast, Security, Leadership, Techies, even a cast photogropher would be nice. Remember the theatres we will be talking to will be more open to talk to us if we have security already planned out. I personally plan to talk to the theatres in question about what they will and will not allow as for Props. Of course no Open Flames, Toast, Rice, Hot Dogs, Prunes, ETC. nowadays. But we can still sell prop bags. Anyways- the forming of the cast will be complicated, involving auditioning, and the likes. Which I will alert you to later.

4) Cast Leadership- We will need the usual leadership roles much akin to a high school drama club. We need a President (which will be me-it's a Rocky-tatorship...) a few show directors (which will help me cast the show), A Vice President, A Media Chairperson, a Treasurer,and a Secretary. In a few weeks I will post the "Rocky Horror Constitution" Setting forth the rules, the bylaws, and the general junkifications that needs to be set forth before casting begins. The more professional we look, the more likely a theatre will take the risk of Rocky. The Good news is- as a member of this community, I already know you are interested in Rocky. So you get vetoing power to anything in the Rocky Constitution. It's by the people for the trannies.

5) Inform the Masses- Talk to as many people you can, Spread the word. Lead them to this website,Make connections, talk talk talk. When I (or in the future the chairman of publicity) post flyers on here, help find a place to poster. In a cast's inception networking is important. Finding a theatre that's supporive to Rocky can be found through Networking.

But First Thing Is First

We need a cast name. One that shows what we are, who we are, and has a connection to Rocky. I'd be very happy if my members would reply to this post with cast name ideas. Later on we will vote for a cast name via anonymous comment voting. But first, nomination.
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