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Unconventional Conventionist Number 1

Unconventional Conventionist

Name: Mitchell Tyler Preston Alexander Ralston

Sex:Male? Yes Please!!!
Age: 19, going on 20 in April the First of 2006
How May We Get In Contact With AIM- SucklingMonkey, Yahoo Messenger- SacreliciousYummYumms

Faveorite Rocky Character: Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Columbia, Janet, and failing that probably the Howard Stern looking- Transylvanian
Faveorite Non-Rocky Movies: Carrie, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Mommie Dearest, Pink Flamingos, HairsprayWhatever Happened to Baby Jane, Xanadu, Grease2, Freaks, Return to Oz, Labyrinth, the Wiz, basically anything by John Waters excluding Serial Mom and I have to be in a pretty good mood to watch Cry Baby without vomiting.

Faveorite Rocky Horror Callback Line: Frank-"As it clung to her thigh" Audience-"Like a homesick abortion", or basically anytime you refer to Susan Surandon as a "Slut"
Hobbies: Theatre, Paranormal Phenomenon,Reading, Acting, The Holiday of Halloween, Haunted Houses, Seeking out the dark forces and joining in their hellish crusade.

If We WereTo Start a Rocky Horror Shadowcast Would You Be Willing To Partici...(say it)..pate: Considering this is my question...yes.
Really Now, In Which Functions Would You?: I'd play Brad, Dr. Scott, the Crim, and maybe Trixie if I can get titty tassels in my size.
Are You Single: Perhaps, maybe a little.

Preference: Gayer than X-mas/Frank'n'Furter-esque

Cartoon of Choice: I was always Partial to Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, as well as Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, and South Park

Your Mutant Super Power: Telekinesis is always a good power to have, I would also find having the ability to control light/shadow to be a very interesting power to control. Knowing me i'd probably have the power to tell what sort of undergarments (if any) you wear.
Food of Choice: Sushi, always Sushi, anything Japanese. I also enjoy pizza every now and again.

Beverage of Choice: Diet Cola, Preferably Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper
Music of Choice:I listen mainly to Showtunes, and ABBA, because I am like that.
Last Really Good Book Read: For me the last really good book I read was Almost Like Being In Love by Steve Kluger, such a good romantic novel gives me hope in being less of a vicious male spinster. I also enjoy most escapist childrens literature, such as Alice In Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia (excluding the strong Christian allegories), and Peter Pan,
Last Question: Are You Now, Or Have You Ever, Been A Member Of The Communist Party?: No- Sir, but I can name a few of my Commie Chums for you...

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