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Anyone have the pleasure of seeing the performers at Club DeJa Vu do the soundtrack on Halloween? I wasn't able to get right in front, but I could hear the songs and see a bit of what they were doing on stage. I was happy enough just hearing it. ;)

On another note, any news on getting this goin in Fresno?
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Hey... Umm, yeah, I got to see it.. I was in it.

My name is Mike, I'm the door man at DeJa Vu on Saturday nights and I was Riff Raff in our performances...

If you would like, go here to check out some pictures taken that night...
OOOOOooooo...the only person I remember working the door was Sondra. Err, where you at the cash register?

Tis nice to meet you Mike, I'm Jade/Jenny

Thank you so much for providing me the link!!! Since I couldn't see the performance I can't wait to view the photos!!!

BTW, you are a perfect Riff!!!

Thanks so much!!
Sondra works Friday nights... I work Saturday nights at the register.

Nice to meet you too Jade/Jenny, if I can't pick one I'm just going to call you both. Say hello if you ever see me at the door!

& thanks!