Meg aka Aunt Sharpie (singingnymph) wrote in fresrockyhorror,
Meg aka Aunt Sharpie


Hey guys. As you might've noticed, Mitch, the fearless leader of this here community deleted the journal that he had when he made it. He's still around, this time as glyndagoodwytch, but we're technically sans maintainer. He deleted his old LJ before making his new one, thus rendering it impossible to transfer maintenence to himself. (I think.) Whoops! Well, it happens. Dunno why he hasn't at least become a member here though. *drums fingers*
Mitch is very busy between school & GCP, but still interested in getting Rocky started around here. Keep talking, though! This community's only as dead as you make it. But for your visual enjoyment, if you're interested, here's a fun community you might want to add as well.

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